B) Match the words with their definitions.

1. extinct

2. pollution

3. greenhouse gases

4. fumes

5. acid rain

6. toxic waste

7. pesticides

8. GM

9. fossil fuels

10. sea level

a the natural level of the water in the world's oce­ans, which will rise if global warming continues

b harmful chemicals, gases, or waste materials from factories, cars, etc. that have gone into the air, land or water

c if a type of animal or plant is extinct, it no longer exists and there are no animals or plants of that type alive

d harmful gas or smoke, for example from cars or factories, which damages the environment and harms people's health

egases that form a layer around the Earth and keep the heat in. These gases are produced naturally, but increasing quantities of gases are being produced from cars and factories, causing global warming

fsuch crops have had their genes changed in order to make them more convenient to grow. Some people believe that they may cause damage to the environment g chemicals that are used for killing insects and animals that attack crops

hrain that contains pollution from factories, power stations, etc., which cause damage to forests

і fuels, such as coal or oil. Burning these fuels causes a lot of carbon gases to be released into the atmosphere

j very dangerous waste materials, for example, from nuclear power stations or chemical factories

V. Complete the sentences with some of the words and word combinations above (see Ex. IV). Put them in correct forms.

1. ... cover about 6% of the Earth's surface.

2. The white rhino is close to become ...

3. New laws are being introduced to protect...

4. The hole in ... is thought to be responsible for an increase in cases of skin cancer.

5. Many consumers don't want to eat... foods.

6. There are dangerously high ... levels in our rivers.

7. The rapid pace of... in Malaysia makes the world community to worry.

8. Scientists are predicting a substantial rise of... over the next 20 years.

9. The threat to life higher up ... .

10. An international conference on ... took place in Paris last Monday.